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#1 Reason Sandy Hook was a Hoax

I’ll be coming out with short videos like this to prove the children are older than we were told.

Mind Control – A Tribute to Bradley Nowell

Numerous pre-dated photos of Sandy Hook in the Associated Press database

There have been a number of pre-dated fundraisers, tributes, death reports, detailed articles, and even appearances of Sandy Hook in two major motion pictures. In fact, there have been so many of the… Continue reading

Connecticut State Police release photoshopped baby picture of Adam Lanza chewing pistol

Did Sandy Hook Victims Appear in Plain Sight at the Super Bowl?

Youtuber QKultra released a video last week that dropped a bombshell on the Sandy Hook conspiracy. This story was picked up by The Examiner, but has yet to make it to Infowars. The… Continue reading

Sandy Hook Anniversary – Fact from Fiction

Joseph Ametrano, was Dutch’s apology unnecessary? What we didn’t know about the Bacmaster

Some of the major revelations and biggest confusions of the entire Sandy Hook cover up involved the predated articles, many of which can be seen in my youtube video. I’ve been trying to… Continue reading

The State of Our Country

For a while now, I’ve been trying to get together the most important facts and credible sources to prove that we are being extremely deceived. While I can’t include everything I’d like to,… Continue reading

Were the Sandy Hook victims really in the news in 2006?

We all know there has been a lot of questioning as to whether the massacre at Sandy Hook actually happened as depicted by the Mainstream Media. While it’s hard to imagine that such… Continue reading

ABC News used Photoshopped Picture of Alleged Colorado Gunman

It appears that ABC News has been caught red-handed using a picture of James Holmes that is clearly the result of photoshopping. As there has been much attention raised to the possible innocence… Continue reading