About Hunter News and Media

Hunter News and Media is an independent, non-profit, unofficial organization inspired by a mixture of two projects that I was working on in the Spring of 2013.

While doing a research project on gun control, I began to focus on the recent mass shootings. Most of my focus pertained to those which occurred in 2012. While doing ordinary research for class, I began to see that many details of the “official” stories simply didn’t add up. Why would James Holmes have had more than one gas mask? Why did the media not report on the eye witness who said that somebody in the theater had gotten out of their seat to let James Holmes into the theater?

In another class, I began to do another project as a less serious, half joke. This project was originally going to be on the “Planet X” theories and why so many people hyped up “2012.” After the Sandy Hook shooting, I realized that all of the Sandy Hook “conspiracies” became viral on no date other than December 21, 2012 – this was a turning point.

Upon further research for my side project, I came across something that changed my whole view of the world we live in. I had always been open minded, and I had even once read from the Library of Congress that George Washington believed, and accepted, the Illuminati.

The thing that changed my mind, however, was the realization that there is an undeniable link between the 2012 shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. It’s not just that there’s a weak connection, it’s that upon trying to “disprove” the connection, you only find more and more proof.

The specific connection was the Gotham City Map. Upon researching this map, you’ll find that it was used in The Dark Knight Rises, which hosted one of America’s most deadly shooting sprees. You’ll also find that the map was most likely made by the prop master for the movie, Scott Getzinger, who was killed in a car crash by a UN member’s daughter before the movie was released. To further the evidence, this map was posted on multiple websites, even IGN has a video of somebody opening the map from its packaging. This map was sent out to many movie fan websites exactly one year before the Sandy Hook shooting. Getzinger’s wife was also protesting the school for over a year before any of this had happened.

During my research, I started to find more and more that is not readily available on the internet, and that most websites have been unable to clearly explain.

I have also made some of my completely own unique discoveries, such as that the Sandy Hook victims were in an album called “End Times” from 2006, and that there was a very obviously photoshopped picture of James Holmes used by ABC News within the first week of the shooting.

I’m a Political Science major that studies media law, and I’m learning more that I have to share every day.

If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, I’d recommend reading my article, “The State of Our Country.”



Much Love,

T Hunter