Joseph Ametrano, was Dutch’s apology unnecessary? What we didn’t know about the Bacmaster

Some of the major revelations and biggest confusions of the entire Sandy Hook cover up involved the predated articles, many of which can be seen in my youtube video. I’ve been trying to make sense of one case in particular that even Dutchsinse and Before It’s News apologized for making such a large scene out of. It is also worth pointing out that with the apology issued by BIN, they also “warned” us of an incoming asteroid for February – this is not the kind of source you want to read without fact checking for yourself, although they do hold a lot of credible articles.

But to Dutch, I must ask why he dug so hard on Joseph Ametrano, and if he has actually learned some things I have to show about Ametrano (this will be in the last video, which has information available nowhere else).

A man named Joseph Ametrano, who has been actively posting thousands of music videos to youtube over the last 5 years under multiple accounts using variations of the name “Bacmaster,” had uploaded a very intricate Sandy Hook tribute video to Vimeo on November 10, 2012, a month and four days before the shooting was reported to have taken place.

In the following video you can see a Google timestamp at :33 and the Vimeo timestamp at 1:20 (November 10, 2012 11:36 AM). At 1:55 in the video, you can see that there was another predated tribute video timestamped August 14 at 12:04 PM.

Things only get weirder with this case from here, but there are many aspects of Ametrano and the Vimeo timestamps that haven’t been discussed and may be worthwhile. Here is Ametrano’s explanation for the timestamp of November 10th. There were no official explanations for the August 14th or earlier videos.

Ametrano apology

If you actually view the rules listed on Vimeo’s website, Ametrano’s explanation doesn’t hold up at all. He claims that he uses Vimeo for storage of certain videos, which I do believe.

However, Ametrano says that he replaces old videos with new ones, which keep the old timestamp. This only holds up to a certain level, and it does not give a reasonable explanation for any of the videos he was accused of posting before the drill went “live.” As I previously mentioned, the only explanation Ametrano gave to us was for the Novemeber 10th video.

This screenshot taken directly from the Vimeo FAQ page tells us directly, “Please remember that using the ‘replace’ function will still use your weekly quota unless you’re replacing a video within the same quota week you uploaded it.”

This rule from Vimeo’s FAQ completely discredits Ametrano’s explanation for why he had “replaced” older videos on Vimeo with the Sandy Hook Tribute videos.

Basically, what Vimeo is telling us is that you can only upload a certain number of video’s per week, which is your weekly quota. If you wish to replace a video with another, it will still use your quota unless the video your replacing was uploaded in the same week. If the video was uploaded prior to that particular quota week, you would not be able to replace the older video while you have a full quota.

Ametrano’s explanation for his pre-dated Sandy Hook tribute of November 10 was that he was replacing an older video with it because he does not want to pay for the additional space. Ametrano also says that the quota is for the month, which Vimeo clearly states is a week.

If Ametrano was correct (which he’s not) in his quota being for a month, November 10 could not possibly be in the same quota month as December 14. If Ametrano actually had a full quota and would have attempted to replace the November 10th video, Vimeo would not have allowed this because it is not in the same quota week.

His explanation also fails to explain the August 14th video. While the tweets captured clearly say “My Movie” and not “Sandy Hook,” he didn’t have to necessarily name the videos beforehand.

Before mentioning the other posts by Joseph Ametrano, aka Bacmaster, I want to show some things that may have been overlooked in the alternative media’s first attempt to explain these pre-dated videos.

Since the time of this occurrence, a number of websites have been completely reformatted and all of the hyperlinks changed. A website called Topsy compiles all of the posts from the same user over different platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo. This website has since changed.

Even after Ametrano had completely deleted the Vimeo account in question, Topsy still had a record of the videos he had posted with the predated timestamps.

Let’s start by taking a look at what Ametrano was posting around the time of his November 10th video.

On November 7th and 8th, Ametrano’s twitter account appears to have automatically posted that he activated “Tweet Delete,” an application to delete old tweets from your twitter history. It doesn’t appear that this application actually has the ability to delete posts from Topsy, as all of these tweets were still available on Topsy after his accounts were deleted.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 1.40.43 PM

On November 9th, Ametrano tweeted “@PJSwan the worst is yet to come.” I do not have a screenshot of this but you will be able to see it in the video I have of Topsy’s collection of his posts (which has now been taken off the web).

Topsy also has record of the video being uploaded on November 10th. To be perfectly clear, the black text seen shows his actual tweet, which says he uploaded “My Movie” to Vimeo. He claims to have replaced this video with the tribute video, which is why the link would now show the title of the tribute.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.54.24 PM

On November 11th, the day after Ametrano would have uploaded the pre-dated tribute video, he tweets “@NRA2ndAmendment I can’t wait!” The general premise of all that know Sandy Hook was staged was that it was a preplanned attack against the 2nd Amendment and organizations such as the NRA. To me, this looks like Ametrano was having a little bit of trouble keeping his work a secret. There may also be more conclusions we can draw after seeing everything.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.52.46 PM

The following screenshots show how Ametrano was sending his video to others through twitter after the shooting. He also sent a video called “TWISTED MINDS!” to Michael Savage, who he frequently tweeted to, and has begun to again over more recent months as we will soon see.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.47.16 PMScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.27.46 AM

This “Twisted Minds” video is the one that seems completely impossible to most people because there were multiple videos that showed timestamps for the video on June 20th, an entire month before the Aurora shooting, and a month and three days before Holmes hearing. This video once again could not have been uploaded over a previous video with Topsy’s rules and it includes pictures of James Holmes in court as well as Adam Lanza and many other mass shooters.

The following video shows the November 10th timestamp at :59 seconds. It also shows the “Twisted Minds of Evil” timestamp as June 20th 2012 at 10:01 AM at 1:12 into the video.

This video shows us a better view of the June 20th video at about 6:50 with the exact same time of 10:01 AM.

Until seeing everything that Ametrano has posted and how he behaved over time, I didn’t think this timestamp was possible, but June 20th is two weeks after Holmes failed his oral exam and 4 months after the “Friend Finder” account saying “Will you visit me in prison” was made. Given everything that we have seen about holmes, such as ABC’s malicious photoshopping of his photos, or the court documents that accuse the local sheriff of actually shooting a victim,  it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility that there were staged court appearances well before the shooting took place.

This next video is going to show us some important things, such as how Topsy has now deleted the hundreds of pages of cached posts from Ametrano and how Ametrano continuously pushed Michael Savage, a known conspiracy theorist, to take a look at his videos before the conspiracy world realized what was happening for itself. In fact, we’re going to see that just days after Michael Savage came out claiming that Sandy Hook was a hoax, Ametrano actually tweeted “Warning: Dr. Michael Savage tells the truth!”