Were the Sandy Hook victims really in the news in 2006?

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We all know there has been a lot of questioning as to whether the massacre at Sandy Hook actually happened as depicted by the Mainstream Media. While it’s hard to imagine that such an event could have been hoaxed because it would require the combined efforts of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

If Sandy Hook was a cover up, the implications of this are huge. No longer would we need to be concerned with political parties or minor differences in our ideals and beliefs.

If you were to type “Sandy Hook” into Google, the first terms it would try to fill in for you would be “Conspiracy,” “Fake,” and “Hoax.” One of the main accusations being made in this “conspiracy” are that the Phelps family from Sandy Hook are actually actors.

It’s important to remember that in order to fake or manipulate such a large scale hoax, there would have to be plans for tying up loose ends. The Phelps family bear an uncanny resemblance to another family known as the Greenbergs or Sextons. This information appears credible, but the source of this information may be one of the biggest disinformation campaigns involved. The source, wellaware1, makes other outrageous claims, such as Tony Hawk is Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie Parker.

While wellaware1 is not right about everything, many have found that there is also a striking resemblance between the “Phelps” mother from Sandy Hook and the lawyer of Colorado Shooter James Holmes. While these are most likely not the same woman, the name Greenberg seems to be highly involved in this whole “conspiracy.”

If you were to just type “Greenberg” into Google Images, you would wind up looking at a mass of pictures from Jill Greenberg’s album “End Times” that was released in 2006.

Jill Greenberg literally says that this album is “a depiction of how she thinks children would react if they knew of the world that we were leaving them.” The album is supposed to be a political statement, and her inspiration was from an essay by Bill Moyers called, “There Is No Tomorrow.”


If one was familiar with any of the students or background stories from Sandy Hook, you may find some disturbing connections between this album and the victims.

The main concern of many about Sandy Hook revolved around Emilie Parker. Accusations about this girl are limitless, ranging from her fathers insincerity, to her being pictured with Obama after the shooting, to the fact that her entire life was documented on a website (parkerfour.blogspot.com), which is now offline. There are records of most of these instances, although most are now deleted from the internet.

Alleged Sandy Hook victim, Emilie Parker, appears to be the star of Jill Greenberg's new book "End Times." The book was released in January of 2013, but the pictures are from 2006. Emilie's pictures include "Revelations" and "Cover Up."

Alleged Sandy Hook victim, Emilie Parker, appears to be the star of Jill Greenberg’s new book “End Times.” The book was released in January of 2013, but the pictures are from 2006. Emilie’s pictures include “Revelations” and “Cover Up.”

In Jill Greenberg’s album, “End Times,” the girl pictured in the photos “Cover Up” and “Revelations,” seems to bear every feature of Emilie Parker down to the ears. This girl is used on the cover of Greenberg’s 2013 book and in many other instances from Greenberg’s art work.

What’s more shocking than Emilie Parker’s appearance in this album is that it appears several of the other victims also appear in the same album. These children include Allison Wyatt, Catherine Hubbard, Jessica Rekos, Grace McDonnell, Aidan Licata, Noah Pozner, and even Noah’s twin sister, “Arielle.”

The first picture of Allison Wyatt released by the media was actually taken from a Facebook account, appearing to be completely at random. The girl who’s picture was used is named Lily Gaubert. After Lily’s mother, Cathy Gaubert, came out saying her daughter’s picture had been featured all over the media, another picture of “Allison” was released. The picture of Allison Wyatt now used bears a very strong resemblance to the picture called “Misinformation” in Jill Greenberg’s 2006 album. Most would concur that the mixup involving Gaubert and Wyatt is a prime example of “Misinformation.”

Catherine Hubbard was the red-haired girl from Sandy Hook. Her hair and facial features seem to match the picture “Nucular (sic)” from Jill Greenberg’s album, and the most obvious connection between Hubbard and Nuclear (corrected form of Nucular) would be that L. Ron Hubbard had claimed to invented the first Nuclear bomb.

I’ve included videos explaining some of the other connections made between this album and the victims of Sandy Hook. Any victims not shown in this video are included in the longer video on the linked Youtube account.

While I am presenting very controversial and shocking material, remember that the only way to curb such deception would be to awaken as many as possible to this deception.

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